Welcome to the 3 day Challenge

Dear Player,

So you want to know how to blast out of the fear levels and into more fun? Easy. You just need to change your Settings.

Strength SettingsThe challenge involves kids doing a game on screen and then considering how it relates to them. The media moves from screen to imagination and then to social media if they choose to post their experiences for other players. Objective: To become aware of their thoughts and what ‘settings’ they are linked to. 2. to consider where their thoughts originate (e.g.. advertising? magazines? peers? families? 3. Consider if they are worth keeping, deleting or putting on hold.

The copy below is very rough. The image is not accurate but gives the idea!

CHALLENGE DAY  1: Find out what your settings are by catching a few thoughts (lassoo, net, water blaster sprouts)

  1. First play the game to get an idea of what we are doing. (thought catching game stars green holey with a butterfly net trying to catch the thoughts running across the computer screen in his HQ. pic to come)
  2. Turn off this computer screen and close your eyes. Observe EVERY thought and feeling that floats through your head. Like the “This is crazy” you just thought then and the “This is a total drag, I’m outta here” that you are about to think.
  3. When you get a sense of what words are appearing you will get an idea of what belief programs are running in the background of your operating system and where your settings might be.

CHALLENGE DAY  2: Track back your thoughts to see where they came from

The game shows Holey pulling on the strings tied to the thought he has caught in game 1. As the strings are dragged across screen it reveals that his thoughts are connected to magazines, computer screens, photo frames with pics of relatives etc…  ends up revealing that the thought came from somewhere else. Not from Holey.

CHALLENGE DAY  3: Choose to keep thoughts or trash them or put them on freeze 

something along the lines of are your thoughts “helpful or unhelpful?