Top Ways to get back in control of your Game.

1. Start Finking (or is it Theeling?)

Think with your Heart as well as your Brain. Many brains on Earth are disconnected from their hearts which explains the state of the planet and the invention of stilletto heels. The best way to think with your heart is to connect up with your feelings. Hearts connect you up with yourself, your IGS and the full version of Pouchpedia which is way better than this silly internet site. When you are properly connected to your IGS you are less likely to go down a fear spiral.

2. Use your Inner Guidance System (IGS)

Imagine if you knew exactly what to do in any given moment? Imagine if you were happy with every choice you ever made? Imagine if you felt that you were on the right path all of the time? An IGS is like a GPS (Global Positioning System), only it usually works.

3. Start Choosing

This app should pop up every time a choice appears, just to let you know you have one. Even if you have no control over what’s happening, you can always choose how you think about it. If you haven’t noticed your choices lately you’ll need to check your settings and… (more to come)

4. Check your Belief System

The path you are on depends on the choices you make. The choices you make depend on the thoughts you have. The thoughts you have depend on the beliefs running in your operating system. As these beliefs are hard to detect most players operate on auto pilot and so have little control of the path they are on.  You can tell if you are running inappropriate beliefs because you will often get what you do not want. Pouchpedia suggests that you check what beliefs you are using by running an anti-virus program.

5. Check your Position

When you think about what you are thinking about it is probably something that already happened or something else that hasn’t happened yet. Past and future thinking are cool game traps that disconnect you from your IGS. Right now everything is OK because you are right here, right now, reading this sentence.  I am searching databases all over the planet to find a good ‘stay present’ program and will report back when I find one. XXX Pouchpedia

More information will be uploaded here shortly…