Here are some cool tools to help you Earth Gamers choose more fun and less fear. I have been sifting through the internet and other places looking for helpful ideas. I will upload new ones as I find them.

Enjoy your game!  xxxPouchpedia

earth apps1. Helpful Earth Apps

Every player in the Earth Game comes pre-installed with some cool apps, others you download along the way.

Tip: Not all apps will make your life easy. Here are some fun ones to play with if you dare: Odd Apps

2. Personality Pack Tools

These are the personality settings you selected to go with the bioware body you are sitting in. No one has the same set. The more you are aware of the settings you chose, the easier it will be to negotiate the game board and enjoy your game. The main options are:

Strength Settingsa. Power Settings: Everyone comes in with a different set to play with. Comparing yourself with someone else is impossible because no two sets of settings are the same. It is possible to adjust your settings simply by becoming aware of them.

b. Deflector Sheilds: These are the things in your life that help you feel safe and bounce back when you reach a cruddy situation on your game board. Football? Music? Friends? If you haven’t got the foggiest idea what makes you feel safe try I will attempt to translate sites like these:  Resilience Donut

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