The Earth Game Mystery Adventure Trail – Thrillseekers only!

TOP SECRET! DO NOT read beyond this point if you wish to maintain your everyday existence as an everyday kid, in an everyday world.

The first clues are hidden on a page that talks about that which you must seek. The word who’s meaning holds the ultimate key to the Earth Game and will grant it’s holder more power than you can possibly imagine. Tip: It is not too late to leave this page if you are not feeling brave enough to go on.

Step 1: Figure out the passcode to the secret doorway. First, go to this page and find the first letter of the first paragraph. Then type it in here*. That will open up a new page on the internet, and …

*AAArgh! The link to the secret doorway page is so elusive it has dissappeared again. Stay tuned while I go find it! Enjoy your Game, xPouchpedia.