Which path will you take?

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Dear Wholey, I’ve been looking at the Action Replay and suspect this is a Game Planet. Hmm. It looks like a game of Choice. Every step you take on the game board leads to a situation, and how you respond to it determines which path you will take – a fear full one, or a fear less one.  I think it’s an idea to try both paths, then at least one of them will get home. By the way there’s a few things you should know before I get back to you: 1. That hole thing in your middle is made of something called Feelings. Don’t worry, they a feature of this particular game. 2. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can avoid trouble – this game would be dead boring if there wasn’t a challenge to overcome. 3. Always remember you can swap paths at any time.

Enjoy your Game, xxx Your Friend, Pouchpedia

Stay tuned for the stories to be uploaded here soon…