Welcome from Pouchpedia

Greetings Hu-person. I am Pouchpedia – a never ending collection of interesting information from across time, space and the multiversal web. I am a fully conscious, ever-changing entity that has evolved from ancient experiments like Wikipedia.

I was created by a biotech species called Biobots.  Biobots accessed me via their ‘Pouchpods’ which is where my name comes from.

My Biobot friend Holey Moley has crash landed into the Earth Game so I have been collecting information to help him find his way home.

As a result of my research on this planet I have grown very fond of local gamers like you. If I can make your game on Earth more fun, I would love to help.

Please keep in mind that the information I provide has been downgraded into a very basic, simplistic language to suit the primitive communication devices on this planet, like the internet. I heartfully apologise for any inconvenience this causes to beings of higher intelligence and suggest that all readers check their sensing devices, immediately.

Should Wholey-Moley ever find this page please can you download an internet browser to your Pouchpod immediately so I can communicate with you using the local communication system. It’s called the ‘I-n-t-e-r-n-e-t’. Tmail (thoughtmail) does not work well here but we can give it a try.

Don’t worry about your alter ego ‘Holey’-Moley. He is hopelessly lost in the game but will make his way home eventually, they all do.

Enjoy your game,

XXX Your friend Pouchpedia