Get back in control of your Thinking System – apps to use in an emergency

Ah yes, well if you have found this page you might have some notion that your operating system has been running strange beliefs and thoughts that are preventing you from enjoying your game properly. Don’t worry. There are loads of ways to get back on top of your thinking and I will upload more helpful apps as I come across them. Here are my favourites, so far.

 1. Try Breathing. Not just namby-pamby breathing but big lungfuls of air that will jump start your bio-ware up. Use your imaginator, to imagine that you are breathing in Love and breathing out Fear. Maybe you can do this by imagining you are breathing in pink or green air, and out yellow. Maybe you might like to follow this technique (link to come) Do this until your thinking starts to calm down.

2. Be Present. Think about what you are thinking. Check to see if you have any feelings that need to be felt. Register how your bioware is feeling. Observe what is happening right now – no thoughts about the past or the future. Being present will calm down your thinking so you can hook into your Inner Guidance System.

3. Plug into Nature. It’s a wireless connection which is good because trees don’t have holes to plug into. Nature calms down the rattiest thinking so hug a Tree, look at the sky or walk in the park.  If you live in an apartment you can use your imaginator applicationt. It will work just as well.

You can also try my latest challenge, hone your thinking skills, check out some apps and … stay tuned for some more cool ideas to get back in control of your thinking system.

Good luck and enjoy your game!