The Earth Game is famous for it’s delicious Traps which have snapped shut on some of  the smartest gamers in the galaxies – like you. Game challenges cannot be avoided and you score loads of power-ups every time you overcome on. Here are just some to watch out for. I’ll post about others in my game tips, as I find them.

Projector Head

1. Everyday Game Trap Devices

 These stop you seeing how things really are so it’s hard to make the right choices. Everyone gets to play with these. eg: AdGames, Projectorhead,  Imaginater,   Filters,   Glasses

2. Extreme Play Traps

If you are a super brave and daring type you may have signed up for the ‘Extreme Play’ package.  This includes options like: Alcohol Antics version 2.2, Bully vs. Victim version 23.2, Drugsorama ver 6.2, or Divorce with Guns 1 , 2 ands 3. Stay tuned! I am compiling a special list of cheats and tips for players who may find themselves in one of these tricky situations.

belief system3. Belief System Bug

I am investigating a theory this bug is a symptom of a brain/ heart imbalance that has resulted from a problem with bioware settings. See more on the BS Bug

Enjoy your Game!

Your friend, XPouchpedia