How it Works: The Earth Game Sequence

How it Works:

  • The Earth Game changes all the time and is a unique experience for every player.
  • Every player starts on a different level, running different applications and belief codes in their operating systems.
  • Many things will happen on the Gameboard that will prompt players to make a choice.
  • Every choice will steer a direction towards Love or towards Fear.
  • The first object of the game is to remember that you are only playing a game. You’re not a worthless, powerless Ning-Nong afterall.
  • The next step is to uncover your power tools and get an idea of the personal traps you set up for yourself before you entered the game.
  • When you have an idea of these and have checked that all your sensors and systems are running correctly you can think about hunting down the illusive ‘Iwand of  Immortality’.

Game Play Sequence:

1. Situation: This changes all the time depending on the beliefs and apps you are running at any given moment.

2. Thoughts: Fear-full or Fear-less depending on the beliefs and apps you are running at any given moment. One thought leads to another similar thought and will take you up or down the spiral.

3. Feelings: These are your signposts and will warn you if you are going the fear-full way. They occur automatically in response to the type of thought you are having or as a warning from your Inner Guidance System.

4. Reaction: These occur in response to Thoughts and Feelings. They create a new situation or experience which will lead to a new thought and feeling… and thus continues the game.