Game Trap #1: The BS BUG

The Belief System Bug is a nasty one. It spoils games by corrupting the beliefs running in Player Operating Systems.

A non corrupted belief program code runs something like: “<I’m OK just as I am>” or “<The world is a good place>”. A corrupt code is more like: “<I’m a total Ning Nong>” “<The world is a scary place>”.

These beliefs lead down the fear spiral and are behind most of the wars, terror and stiletto heel wearing that has occurred here. Luckily there are several worthy antivirus programs available… More to come

XX Your friend, Pouchpedia

PS. Keep in mind the ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’ and ‘Elephant-on-the-coffee-table‘ Game Traps which might make scary stuff look good. If there is a bus driving towards you it is best to get out of the way fast. 

Tip no. 375437 Cut me out and stick me to the inside of your sunglasses to reprogram the beliefs in your operating system.