Different Earth Apps are available on different levels of the game and can be used to overcome game traps.

Most APPS run automatically but players can choose to use different apps if they wish to move between levels. There are different methods used to do this.

Interesting fact:

Hukids tend to favour the apps used by their parents which explains cultural influences and stereotypes. Where do you think African kids get rythm? (Rythmstick 3.2) Why else would Brazillian kids like to party so much (Dancemonkey 4.7) and French kids like garlic (Stinkykisses 5.7)?

Most Popular Apps this week:

Chooser eappAuto Reminder: This is the most handy one of all. This app should should pop into your awareness when something happens, to remind that you have you can have positive thoughts about it or negative thoughts about it. You may not have a choice about WHAT happens to you on the Game board but you always have a choice about HOW you think about it. Warning: If it is not popping up you will have to load it manually!


Word DoctorI call this app ‘The Word Doctor’ because it gives you some powerful new words to describe the emotions you are experiencing and connect up with your Inner Guidance System.


Anger: Comes preinstalled on most models and helps you change something that is not working for you. More on this app to come.


Creator. What do you like to make most? Music? Art? Dance? Do something creative that you love and you will in the right space to connect to your Inner Guidance System.