Game Traps #2: Adgames

Dear Holey,

There is Life on this planet, and there is lifestyle. Lifestyles are things that the locals think they need in order to feel good.  This is partly because of a cool game trap called ad-vert-i-sing. Advertising is like the red herring in a mystery novel – a cool device that puts you totally on the wrong path. Advertising invents reasons for players to want stuff, even when they don’t need it. Food, shelter, love and a decent TV remote are all you need here. Ads and other Earthly Media can also make you feel like you should be more skinny, more muscley or just more than you already are. So be careful Holey, ads are just fine as long as you don’t start believing them too much. Eating six Happy Meals will not make you extra happy – it will just make you throw up.

Mmm. Maybe I’ll dig up some information about how to enjoy ads without getting bitten by them. Maybe we can start compiling a list of what is cool about ads and what is BS ? Maybe we can have a competition for the best kids ad and the worst kids ad? Wooo-Hooo. This could be fun!

Stay tuned,