The fun thing about the Earth Game is that most players, like you, don’t even know they are in it. This makes for some way cool entertainment and is part of the reason The Earth Game is one of the highest rating game shows in the multiverse.

Pouchpedia enjoys a good drama but concedes that many beings on the planet, including Holey-Moley, do not. Thus Pouchpedia has decided to compile a list of game tips so that those who read this can have more fun getting home, with less fear.

Please read my letter and note that this information has been downgraded to suit limited intellectual capacities – like yours. Enjoy playing! XPouchpedia

Game Rules: The main directive is that anyone who joins must forget that they are playing a game in order to remember. Even if you read the instructions really well before you started you have probably forgotten them. I will do my best to jog your memory.

May as well enjoy yourself while you are in there! XPouchpedia

Game Play Sequence: The coolest Game Board ever invented.

Game Tools: Some you have preloaded, some you have to download yourself.

Game Traps:  Read these before you fall into the next one!

Game Archives Interesting fun facts from the past.