Extreme Play – Earth Game Option

extreme player icon Woo-Hooo! The ‘Extreme Play’ option in the Earth Game is for serious gamers. This option/trap creates a game board that is heavily spiked with traps and trials to keep players stuck in the fear levels. If you experience ‘extreme’ signposts like sadness, anger or anxiety for a long period, you may have taken this option and should consider these steps:

  1. Pat yourself on the back. The extreme options were only ever available to superstar players. Well done!
  2. Understand that no matter how difficult the Traps you have pre-loaded, you have also have pre-loaded the Tools to overcome them.
  3. Tools include your unique power tools and special apps like Mindfulness.
  4. Understand that it’s understandable if you try escape the fear levels by any means you can.
  5. Be warned that some escape routes are disguised as fun choices when they are really fear choices. Extreme Play automatically disables your common sensor so it’s hard to tell the difference.
  6. Realise that you have an amazing Internal Guidance System and Game Support Team that you can learn how to connect to. They will help you tell the difference between fun choices and fear choices. It’s much easier to play when you can tell the Snakes from the Ladders.

The Extreme Play Challenges include cool apps like:

  • Super Sadness (version 439 and above)
  • Alcohol Antics (version 123 and above)
  • Drugsorama (version 231 and above)
  • Eating Escapades (version 496 and above)
  • Crazy Parents 1,2 and 3
  • Bully vs Victim (vers 3 and up)

Stay tuned for special cheats to suit each extreme challenge,

Enjoy your Game,