EV the Energy Virus

Dear Holey,

Meet EV the Energy Virus.

Further investigation of the crystalline records has revealed that Earth was designed as a collaborative play game. Not a player vs. player but a role playing adventure journey type thing.

But then EV appeared. EV is an energy virus and I think it infects the beliefs running in Player Operating Systems.

As you know a non corrupted belief program code runs something like: “<I’m OK> <You’re O.K.> and a corrupt code is more like: “< I’m a total loser><You’re a Ning Nong>”

These type of beliefs lead down the fear spiral and are behind most of the wars, terror and stiletto heel wearing that has occurred here.

Because virus infected players forget how powerful they are, they think they  have to ‘steal’ energy in order to survive.

Luckily there are several worthy antivirus programs available… More to come,

XX Your friend,