About this Website:

Holey-Moley.com is an emergency communication device

This website has been set up to help the Biobot who has crash landed on Earth where the only available technology is considerably behind current multiversal standards.  Other communication portals have failed due to Earth’s status as a Game Planet.

Wholey-Moley’s Inner Guidance System (IGS) has stopped working as a result of the game so he feels very lost and very alone.

Pouchpedia hopes the information being collected here will help him. More information will be posted as it becomes available and with luck, Holey will find this page. Local Gamers are welcome to use these tips but please review the Disclaimer before proceeding elsewhere on this site.

This is a game of choice and Wholey-Moley has created two different versions of himself in order to finish faster. These are:

1. Holey-Moley:  A thrillseeker who is paranoid and crazy but in a cute kinda way. Basic Belief  Code <HTML91>: <“The world is a Bad place”>. Good at making fear-full choices.


2. Wholey-Moley: Kind of like Pollyanna if she was green and shaped like a donut. Basic Belief  Code <HTML91>: <“The world is a Good place”>. Great at making fear-less choices.