Letter to Players

Dear Player,

Somewhere along the line you pressed this button and are therefore viewing this page from somewhere inside The EARTH Game.

A teensy-weensy part of you has been downloaded into a bioware playing piece in order to create this experience. You may be unaware of this due to the rules of the game.

Pouchpedia hopes that this does not come as too much of a surprise and wishes you all the best.

Stay tuned and enjoy your Game!

XXX Pouchpedia

P.S. Read the story so far or find out more here.

Your Mission:

Start playing the Earth Game like you know you are in it. Find the tools, uncover the traps, contribute your discoveries. Avoid wearing stiletto heels and read this.

My Mission: 

Dig into Earth Game data bases and discover cheats to help players have more fun, and less fear.

Player 1: Wholey-Moley’s Mission:

Find the game tools and help the players who took the‘Extreme Play‘ option.

Player 2: Holey-Moley’s Mission:

Try out every different game trap until he finds his way home.